Happy Holidays from Lorrie Trussell

A few weeks ago I thought to myself there is no way I can write an end of the year letter, that is until I changed my perspective. There are always two sides of every coin. At first glance, my beloved doxie, Matilda, had a tumor. John was laid off from his job after 15 years. My son Tommy had sepsis in April, healed and then a few weeks later fell from a four-story balcony. I stayed six weeks by my son’s side helping him recover. How can I say I am blessed? Matilda’s tumor was benign, John is much happier with his new company, and my son Tommy is recovering better than ever expected and living in Colorado with his amazing girlfriend, Cara. My other two sons, Chris and Tyler are loving life. Chris was even inducted into his college hall of fame for his hockey accomplishments. My life is good and I am so lucky to have the amazing love from my family, friends, and clients. I welcome 2017 and am so thankful for all that I have. I wish everyone blessings for the upcoming new year! 

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