Hiking and Biking in Boulder Colorado

Posted by Greg Smith on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 at 2:22pm.

Boulder Colorado is known to many outdoor enthusiasts as the mecca of all hiking, biking, cycling, and running. This is due to the cities unique, but united passion for these sports that can, at times be overly obvious.  For example, runners and cyclists can usually be seen traveling among the cars during regular commutes no matter where or when you travel through Boulder.  Even on the coldest of day, with snow on the ground, Boulder athletes are out from sunrise to sundown. The northern lands of Boulder offer athletes miles and miles of open space with nothing but picturesque views and fresh air.  But when venturing vertically into the mountains, Boulder athletes take hiking, biking, running, and cycling to a whole new level. In fact, many athletes travel to Boulder and the surrounding area with the explicit intent for training because the mountains offer high altitude conditions with a mostly sunny climate.

Some of the most popular hiking and biking trails in the Boulder Mountains are maintained by the city and used with great frequency.  Chautauqua Park and Flagstaff Mountain are located just off Table Mesa at the southwestern side of the city and offers many excellent trailheads for all levels that head up west into the foothills.  Eldorado State Park is located at the southern tip of Boulder and is loved by many experienced climbers, as well as hikers and mountain bikers. Estes Park is located only 34 miles north of Boulder and is the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.  This short trip is very popular with weekend campers as well as hikers and bikers looking to get away.  Also check out the Boulder Creek that flows straight through the city and runs all the way to Nederland.  This trail is usually very busy as many people around the city side use it for commuting.  As you head west Boulder Creek Trail continues along the rapids of the creek which is also popular with kayakers.

There are many different hiking, biking, cycling, and running clubs in, and around the Boulder area like CHAOS, Boulder Outdoor Group, Colorado Mountain Club, Sierra Club, and the C.U. Hiking Club.  These sports are not only fun, but are extremely popular for people of all ages and skill level. The best way to see what Boulder has to offer in terms of great outdoor activities is to strap on your sneakers and take a hike!

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