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How to Prevent and Repair Basic Roof DamageUnless a homeowner is good with a drone or unafraid of heights, they're probably blissfully unaware of the condition of their roof. They may not know when to inspect it or what to look for. It's the biggest reason why a leak or insect infestation is the first clue a homeowner gets of the structural damage that was likely forming for many years prior. Roof damage is not only inconvenient, it can also be dangerous to the people who live in the Nederland home. See what can be done to prevent problems before they begin.

Common Signs of Roof Damage

As scary as it may be to get up on the roof, it's usually the best way to inspect the flashing, joints, and shingles. Tears in the outer layer of the roof, moss or algae formations, or curling shingles are

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How to Prepare for Autumn Home MaintenanceWhether you live in Boulder or own a home in Erie, Colorado every season of the year yields unique events, activities and a special list worth untold dollars. Fall brings about what we like to call “The annual fall maintenance schedule for home owners!”

We start off with one important question you need to ask:

How Much Can You Save By Keeping Up With Fall Home Maintenance?

Let's take a look at some real numbers about not so much the cost, but more significantly, the SAVINGS of completing the autumn checklist of To Do items around our homes.

Small Routine Maintenance Necessities

1. Everybody's favorite, the gutters and downspouts clean out! Those clogged gutters can lead to damage to fascia, soffits and even cause roof damage. Repair or

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Creating an Outdoor Living Space for Your HomeFrom small urban apartments with quaint rooftop garden areas to large homes with ample property and plenty of room to roam, there are unique ways to construct an outdoor living space so that it is both functional and beautiful. Construction of an outdoor living space may help a homeowner sell thier home faster and for more money. These tips can help any property owner make the most out of their outdoor space, whether it is a front yard or a backyard.

Use Architectural Style for Inspiration

The outdoor living space should be seen as an extension of the home itself—as a way to blend the interior design with the exterior architecture. Those who are looking to design or create an outdoor living space should begin by taking a look at the architectural

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Best High ROI Home Improvements for Home SellersHomeowners often want to make home improvements to improve their homes while they live there. Other homeowners improve their property to raise their homes property value. Good home improvements are important when it is time to sell so hopefully, the home will sell for more money. However, some home improvements improve a homes value more than others.

In addition to preparing a home for sale, homeowners should consider which home improvements that have a high return on investment (ROI). The following high ROI home improvements are popular among homeowners who may want to list their home for sale.

Bathroom Addition

Lack of a second bathroom can be a big deterrent for most home buyers. Bathroom additions can be expensive, costing around $70,000.

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Should You Get a Pavestone or a Concrete Driveway?Most people use blacktop and concrete materials for their driveways. When initially laid both look great and high quality. After a couple of years, however, the two also have the inclination to crack. In order to lay the material into position, the two also usually require you to employ a specialist.

Why Choose a Pavestone Driveway?

The choice of installing a pavestone driveway exists on the other side of the spectrum. Especially for individuals who would like to install it themselves, pavestone, also known individually as pavers, is an increasingly well-liked material option for driveways. With a variety of various hues, dimensions and shapes, pavestones are portable concrete blocks. Driving them to become well-liked among homeowners, they are

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How to Baby Proof Your HomeOkay, you've just bought a new home and a kid is on the way. How do you make sure you're providing a safe environment? As the saying goes, "Proper preparation prevents poor performance," and nowhere is this truer than setting up your home for kids.

Best Principles When Baby-Proofing a House

When babyproofing a house, homeowners must start by considering their child's current behaviors as well as their future behaviors. Babies change quickly, and develop new talents all the time. For example, a baby who will soon be walking should live in a house that is safe for a toddler. This way, the house will be ready as the baby grows. 

To babyproof a home, homeowners must go room by room to assess what their child can reach, where they can poke their

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How You Can Fix Unpermitted Work in Your HomeAmerica was largely founded on the idea of personal liberty. The country sought to curb the power of government so its people could choose better paths for themselves. That may be why property owners of yesterday and today don't always pay attention to the permit laws of their state, county, or municipality. Unpermitted work is common, but there are ways that current homeowners can remediate the problem.

The Basics

Unpermitted work occurs when property owners make repairs or renovations to their propertywithout first getting approval from the appropriate officials. An example of that might be home foundation repairs. There are a few things to keep in mind about the nature of building regulations:

  • They're inconsistent: What a homeowner is
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What to Know About Replacing Your Kitchen CabinetsIf you are thinking about remodeling your home for the best return on investment, the kitchen and baths are good places to start. Since both areas can be a challenge to work on while you are in the home, most buyers do not want to tackle the task themselves.

Kitchens are especially expensive. Countertop and appliance replacement are usually a buyer’s prime concern and tend to be the area buyers focus. Cabinets are just as important, though, and arguably just as expensive. They can often account for between 50-70% of the cost of a kitchen remodel. As a result, thinking through your design and cabinet choice can have a huge impact on the overall cost of the project.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

There are three kinds of cabinets from which to

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How to Make Your Home Energy EfficientIt's no secret that energy-efficient upgrades rank high on buyers' lists of desired home attributes these days. Many real estate agents are quick to ask sellers about a home's energy efficiency before suggesting a listing price. Prospective sellers who know well in advance when they plan to sell a residence are often also able to enjoy shrinking utility bills after making upgrades.

What Defines a “Green” Home?

More and more consumers are looking to reduce their impact on the environment and simplify their lives. Part of this movement is the building of "Green" homes.

But what does it take to make a home green? For some people the goal of using recycled materials and implementing strategies to lower their energy bill are all ways to build a

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How To Paint a Room For BeginnersWhen owning a home there are many ways to personalize and make it more comfortable, and one common way to do this is by painting its walls to better suit the people living there, as well as add to any home staging efforts when the time comes to sell. While homeowners can hire a professional service to come paint the walls, they can also do the job themselves. For homeowners who may not know how to start with painting their home, here are the essential steps for painting a home.

Move Furniture Away From Walls

For beginners and pros alike, paint can be messy and accidents can happen. No one wants to get paint on their furniture, so the first thing a homeowner should do before anything else is to move the furniture. The best way to protect it is to

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