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The Real Value of Residential Solar PanelsSolar panel technology has been evolving for several decades which has led more and more homeowners to look into how they can use green technology to save both their wallets and the environment. But there are still plenty of people who may not have even considered solar panels for themselves—especially if they live in an area with plenty of cloud coverage. They may not realize just how much more efficient solar panels have become or how much the price has come down. The real value of solar panels can be substantial, but homeowners may have to do some digging to really find out just how much money can be saved.

Starting Up With Solar Panels

It's true that solar panels are a serious investment for any homeowner. The returns on their investment

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4 Landscaping Mistakes You Might Be MakingWhen selling a home, landscaping is often cited as one of the most important things to draw in buyers as it directly helps or hinders a home’s curb appeal. However, good landscaping is a little trickier than just slapping down a few flowers in the garden. There are a few different pitfalls that homeowners can accidentally stumble into without even realizing it. Here are some of the most common landscaping mistake that homeowners make and how to avoid them.

1. The Gardens Require a Lot of Work

While curb appeal is essential for attracting buyers, not every home buyer is going to be interested in spending a lot of time maintaining a large garden. In order to appeal to the widest audience possible, homeowners should consider using some of these

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4 Smart Devices Home Buyers WantThese days, smart technology is everywhere. Our lives revolve around it both at work, and more recently, at home, so it’s no wonder that many home buyers actively seek out homes that already have all of their favorite pieces of smart tech built in. Fortunately for sellers, installing smart technology in their homes isn’t a big hurdle to cross. Here are some of the most popular pieces of smart home tech that homeowners can use to help draw in buyers.

1. Smart Security Systems

Everyone likes the feeling of being safe, especially in their own home. Normal alarm systems have been available to homeowners for many years now, but many people don’t like having to hire a company to make sure their home is safe. This is where smart home security systems

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Best High ROI Home Improvements for Home SellersHomeowners often want to make home improvements to improve their homes while they live there. Other homeowners improve their property to raise their homes property value. Good home improvements are important when it is time to sell so hopefully, the home will sell for more money. However, some home improvements improve a homes value more than others.

In addition to preparing a home for sale, homeowners should consider which home improvements that have a high return on investment (ROI). The following high ROI home improvements are popular among homeowners who may want to list their home for sale.

Bathroom Addition

Lack of a second bathroom can be a big deterrent for most home buyers. Bathroom additions can be expensive, costing around $70,000.

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The Essential Toolbox For New HomeownersAll homeowners are going to have to perform some modifications are simple fixes around their home at some point, whether they expect it or not. When it comes time to do a job, whether it’s hanging up a picture frame to show off man’s best friend or just doing a quick fix to prevent a pipe from leaking until a professional plumber can take a look at it, every homeowner needs to have a toolbox handy to do their own repairs around the home. But what should a homeowner put in that toolbox? Here are some of the essential tools everyone should have ready to use in their home.

The Basics: Hammers and Screwdrivers

When people think about a toolbox, their minds automatically go to hammers and screwdrivers. These are useful for just about any maintenance

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How to Prevent and Repair Basic Roof DamageUnless a homeowner is good with a drone or unafraid of heights, they're probably blissfully unaware of the condition of their roof. They may not know when to inspect it or what to look for. It's the biggest reason why a leak or insect infestation is the first clue a homeowner gets of the structural damage that was likely forming for many years prior. Roof damage is not only inconvenient, it can also be dangerous to the people who live in the Nederland home. See what can be done to prevent problems before they begin.

Keeping an Eye Out

As scary as it may be to get up on the roof, it's usually the best way to inspect the flashing, joints, and shingles. Tears in the outer layer of the roof, moss or algae formations, or curling shingles are all signs

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Popular Flooring Materials You Should UseWhen renovating a home, it may be a good idea to consider a new floor. There are many different varieties that can fit a wide array of different lifestyles and needs, but some homeowners may be left wondering how to pick the one that is best for their home. For those homeowners, her are five of the most popular different flooring options for homes and how they can be bet be used.

Installing Carpet Flooring

For homeowners who like a floor that is easier on their feet, carpet has always been a popular option. It comes in just about any color or pattern, so it can easily fit into nearly any living room or bedroom, and it can also fit nearly any budget. The biggest downside of carpet is that it has a tendency to hold in allergens, so people who are

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When to DIY and When to Hire a ProfessionalThe choice to DIY can be a tough one for homeowners. Many homeowners like to save money by making home improvements themselves, others like the satisfaction that they get from working on their own home. Still, not all projects are right for homeowners. Knowing which home improvement projects are good for homeowners and which are best done by contractors is important.

When to DIY

For the standard homeowner, the best DIY projects are those that do not alter the structure of the home, and cannot make the house a danger to the occupants if done incorrectly. Interior painting is a good example of an appropriate DIY project, because a bad paint job can be redone. To finish the job, the homeowner needs the right tools, enough time and a can-do

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How To Paint a Room For BeginnersWhen owning a home there are many ways to personalize and make it more comfortable, and one common way to do this is by painting its walls to better suit the people living there, as well as add to any home staging efforts when the time comes to sell. While homeowners can hire a professional service to come paint the walls, they can also do the job themselves. For homeowners who may not know how to start with painting their home, here are the essential steps for painting a home.

Move Furniture Away From Walls

For beginners and pros alike, paint can be messy and accidents can happen. No one wants to get paint on their furniture, so the first thing a homeowner should do before anything else is to move the furniture. The best way to protect it is to

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Popular Home Upgrades That Boost Energy EfficiencyIt's no secret that energy-efficient upgrades rank high on buyers' lists of desired home attributes these days. Many real estate agents are quick to ask sellers about a home's energy efficiency before suggesting a listing price. Prospective sellers who know well in advance when they plan to sell a residence are often also able to enjoy shrinking utility bills after making upgrades.

Buyers today are very savvy about the benefits of owning an energy-efficient home. Many are willing to pay more for structures with so-called green upgrades. Which popular upgrades should you consider without breaking the bank? Here are eight of the most important.

Low-flow Fixtures

They're easy to install as well as inexpensive. Beyond helping conserve the local

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