4 Siding Options All Homeowners Should Know

4 Siding Options For Your HomeSiding helps protect a Louisville home from the elements. It gives the walls strength and stability, and it can also change how a home looks. Many varieties of siding need to be replaced after a certain number of years or amount of wear. There are many different types of siding that homeowners can choose from when replacing their home’s siding. Here are some of the most popular siding types and why they make great choices for a home.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular types of siding because of its affordability. Vinyl costs the least of any of the major siding varieties, and it’s widely available no matter where in the country the home is located. Vinyl can also be molded and colored to look like other options, so homeowners who can’t afford wood siding can still get something that looks similar but for a fraction of the cost. This type of siding does have a tendency to collect mold, mildew and grime over time, but it can easily be cleaned off with a pressure washer and regular care.

Wood Siding

For many people, wood siding is the type that comes to mind when someone says “siding”. Like vinyl, wood siding can be found just about anywhere, and it can be used in nearly any climate. Pricewise, wood siding is often seen as a mid-priced option. It’s more expensive than vinyl, but it’s much more affordable than brick siding, so this helps its popularity. Wood siding does have a downside, though. Because it’s wood, it can rot. Insects can also make their home beneath the wood siding, and that can attract birds like woodpeckers to try to get them. 

Brick Siding

Brick is another popular siding option due to its resilience. While brick is significantly more expensive than other options, it makes up for that by being incredibly long-lasting. Well-built and maintained brick siding can easily last a century or longer, which can make it a great investment for homeowners who have no plans to move again. Brick can be tricky, however. Unless the home is built with brick siding in mind, it will need to have special supports built in order to support the immense weight of all the brick on the home's foundation. If a homeowner is unaware of this going into brick siding installation, it can be a shocking expense.

Stucco Siding

A siding option that’s especially popular in the southwestern states is stucco siding. Stucco is made from a combination of Portland cement, lime, sand, and water, but other ingredients can be added to it for extra strength or flexibility. Stucco performs the best in dry climates, which is why it’s so common in the southern parts of the country. While homeowners in wetter climates can use stucco for their homes, if there are any cracks or gaps in the siding, water can get inside, which can lead to mold growth. Like brick, stucco is incredibly durable, and it can last a long time with proper care. Because stucco is so heavy, it does need a support system, which usually appears as a metal frame that the stucco is built onto.

There are many different types of siding options on the market, and these are just four of the most popular types. For more information about these choices and others, be sure to consult a siding expert at a local hardware store.

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