How Should You Renovate Your Kitchen Cabinets

How to Remodel Your KitchenIf you are thinking about remodeling your home for the best return on investment, the kitchen and baths are good places to start. Since both areas can be a challenge to work on while you are in the home, most buyers do not want to tackle the task themselves.

Kitchens are especially expensive. Countertop and appliance replacement are usually a buyer's prime concern and tend to be the area buyers focus. Cabinets are just as important, though, and arguably just as expensive. They can often account for between 50-70% of the cost of a kitchen remodel. As a result, thinking through your design and cabinet choice can have a huge impact on the overall cost of the project.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

There are three kinds of cabinets from which to choose. These options are stock, semi-custom and custom. Each has its own pros and cons.

Stock Cabinets For the Kitchen

Stock cabinets are the most reasonably priced. This means that if you can develop a design that allows you to use stock cabinets, you may have room left over in your budget for other items, like higher-end countertops. Stock cabinets also come fully assembled and are usually available immediately or only a few days after purchase. The downside is that stock cabinets are what they are and come in limited options. However, if you can find a design that works that are the most cost effective option and offer some great choices. Ikea is a great place to see what is possible with stock cabinet designs.

Semi-Custom Cabinets For the Kitchen

Semi-custom or built-to-order cabinets offer a more diverse range of options and can include some custom touches. If you have a very unique space, even semi-custom cabinets may not fit the bill.

Custom Cabinets For the Kitchen

As the name implies, custom cabinets offer the most flexibility. A good custom cabinet maker can build them to specific measurements. You also get the quality and expertise of a true craftsman. The cabinet maker will design cabinets to fit your particular tastes and the exact style of your kitchen. Unfortunately, they are the most expensive and can take the longest time to arrive after purchase, since they're custom-made.

Other Factors When Selecting Cabinets

If you choose stock, semi-custom or custom-built cabinets you still will have many choices and that's just the beginning. After deciding cabinet type, you will think about type of material and style for the cabinets, as well as the finish and hardware.

Do Research Before Embarking On Your Cabinet Renovation

Ultimately, doing your research and factoring in your overall budget is the best way to choose the right cabinets for your kitchen. Cabinets are the supporting cast when it comes to buyers the will look at appliances first, countertops second, and cabinets third so when considering return on investment plan accordingly.

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