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Posted by Greg Smith on Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at 8:37pm.

We are seeing some very interesting activity.  Our Boulder office has shown a dramatic increase in showing activity over the last two weeks and CMA (Colorado Mortgage Alliance) our lending partner has seen a strong uptick in the number of pre-qualification applications being taken.  Our newest listing on Landis is being overreun with showings and it looks like the property will most likely see multiple offers.  When you combine this with over 300 registered users to in the last 30 days we are seeing strong interest in the Boulder Market.  I know we still have some interresting times ahead and will not know the true direction of the market until all of the stimulus packages, layoffs, market voltility have had a chance to work thier way through the system, but it is good to see the leading indicators starting to show some positive signes.

If you are curious about a specific area shoot us a call.  Having sold over 800 homes in the area we know the trends from a macro level, but even more importantly on a house by house basis.

 "Our enjoyment in life is in direct proportion to how we process information between stimulus and response" 

Greg Smith

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