4 Common Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners Make

4 Landscaping Mistakes You Might Be MakingWhen selling a home, landscaping is often cited as one of the most important things to draw in buyers as it directly helps or hinders a home’s curb appeal. However, good landscaping is a little trickier than just slapping down a few flowers in the garden. There are a few different pitfalls that homeowners can accidentally stumble into without even realizing it. Here are some of the most common landscaping mistake that homeowners make and how to avoid them.

1. The Gardens Require a Lot of Work

While curb appeal is essential for attracting buyers, not every home buyer is going to be interested in spending a lot of time maintaining a large garden. In order to appeal to the widest audience possible, homeowners should consider using some of these strategies:

  • Use native plants that survive easily with little additional help.
  • Utilize stepping stones to fill empty space.
  • Use low-maintenance trees and shrubs instead of just flowers.
  • Lay down a layer of mulch to help prevent weed growth.

Using any of these ideas can be good ways to cut down on the amount of upkeep a garden requires, which can make a home more attractive to busy buyers who can’t devote very much time to weeding and pruning. 

2. The Gardens Are Dying or Overgrown

On the opposite end of gardens that require too much work are gardens that need some extra help. If a garden more closely resembles a jungle than a curated collection of plants and flowers, it can put off buyers because they will feel like the responsibility of getting the garden back in order will be their responsibility. The same goes for gardens that look like graveyards. The homeowner needs to take the initiative to fix up their home’s exterior before selling in order to draw buyers in, and forgetting to maintain a home’s gardens does the opposite of that. 

3. Fixtures Are Old and Outdated

Buyers love seeing a home that has been kept up to date. Just like with gardens that have been neglected, if a home’s fixtures such as porch lamps, mailboxes, fences, and so on, go without the occasional cleaning or repairing, they can look dingy, old, and even start to break down. Keeping up with this sort of upkeep and replacing fixtures as needed is a good way to show potential buyers that the home is being well cared for, and that’s always a big plus for buyers.

4. The Yard Is Cluttered

When preparing to sell a Broomfield home, it’s easy to let a yard get cluttered, especially if the homeowner is actively making repairs or doing work to make the home look as good as it can. However, homeowners need to be cautious when it comes to leaving yard bags or piles of mulch in the yard. This sort of clutter can be off-putting to buyers because it detracts from the home itself. Not only should homeowners make sure their yard is decluttered for home showings, but for listing photos as well. A home’s listing should have the best pictures possible, and if the frame is being shared with kids’ toys or the latest yard project, it gets in the way of buyers seeing the home.

Staying out of pitfalls is easy when sellers know what to keep an eye out for, and by following these four landscaping tips can help homeowners get their home’s yard in shape for selling by customizing it to what buyers love to see.

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