Life Lessons From A U13 Boulder Girls Soccer Team

Posted by Greg Smith on Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 at 7:36am.


Life Lessons From A U13 Boulder Girls Soccer Team


Life’s Lessons come from the strangest places.  As I look through my Facebook posts I see how wonderful everyone is doing, and how their kids are going to this state championship and that state championship.  Well, I do not think the Soccer Sisters will be going to any state championships with our 1-6-1 record, but these girls showed me how to be a winner in life.  That joy comes from playing the game, giving it your all no matter the outcome. 


It was one of those seasons where the chips just did not fall the Soccer Sisters way a missed shot here a score in the last 20 seconds there, but these girls kept their heads high.  As I watched these girls shake off adversity I learned how to embrace my inner joy of the game in sports, business, friendships, and more.  In the end we came out a goal or two short on the score, but still won the game of life by choosing to respond with a smile and savor enjoyment of playing the game.


Today we live in a world where many experts expound upon the fact that our children are not experiencing hardship that they are coddled and life is too easy.  I have always read these article saying to myself “Your right, back in my day we had to go through this and that,” but I just experienced a season where I watched Thirteen year old girls experience the true hardship of losing game after game and they never once pointed fingers, showed up unmotivated, in fact they were the exact opposite.


So the next time I read an article about teenage girls and our youth not having the tools for the future I will think back to the Soccer Sisters and smile knowing our future is in good hands because I watched 18 tremendous young ladies show when adversity rears it’s head they are more than ready to show how to truly be winners.  


Greg Smith

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