Longmont Colorado Real Estate Comes Alive In First Quarter

Posted by Greg Smith on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 at 5:38pm.

Longmont Homes and Real Estate is showing strength through the end of April 2012 and is looking good moving into the summer months.

The market conditions report above shows the greatest example of the switch being turned on.  You can see by the chart from Alto Research that the upward trend actual started in mid November, but has been picking up speed through the first quarter.  We are approaching 20, which is truly a balanced market.  We need to see trend lines in the 30's to signify a Sellers market.  The funny thing is that our paradigm has been a Buyer's Market for so long that our current market feels hot.  The numbers say we have a ways to go before it is truly a hot market.

As you would expect with the market being active inventory has fallen in Longmont, Co, but now that Sellers are recognizing the market is strengthening and seasonality we are just starting to see an increase in inventory.  If you have been one of those Buyers who lost out on a multi-offer deal do not fret more inventory is on the way.  We are seeing houses moving fairly quick so it is a good time to have your ducks in a row especially in south west Longmont.

The slide above is a good indicator and is telling us that people are beginning to purchase in the upper price ranges in Longmont    Home Market.  The chart does not indicate prices are rising, which is how sometimes the above graph is mis-interpretted. In fact the average price per square foot in Longmont has fallen slightly over the last quarter.

As always if you are thinking about Buying a Home in Longmont, Boulder County, or anywhere along the Front Range of Colorado we are here to help.  Know one knows the numbers or neighborhoods better that we do so be sure to visit us at www.boulderhomesource.com for all of your Real Estate and Home Buying needs.

Greg Smith

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