Louisville Colorado Real Estate Prices Going Strong

Posted by Greg Smith on Saturday, May 19th, 2012 at 8:12am.

Louisville, Colorado Real Estate Is going strong.

Louisville, Colorado Real Estate Is going strong, is it sustainable?  If we look at the average price chart below we see that Louisville, Colorado is experiencing a very strong jump in the average Price, which great, but I am not sure it is sustainable at the current rate.  We have still not seen the underlying growth in job numbers to support a sustained increase in values.  What we appear to be seeing is more of a lack of inventory creating a scarcity mentality.  This should begin to subside as Sellers see the increased sale values and begin to put their homes on the market.  The advice to Sellers, get your home on the market ASAP these are probably the top sales values we will see for the year.  The advice for Buyers is to not be too frustrated, unless you need to buy now, If I had a crystal ball (Disclamer, I do not have a crystal ball), more inventory should be on its way.  

Looking at the Median price curve above for Louisville, CO the market has been fairly predictable in adjusting for spikes, granted this is a Big One!

As I mentioned above some of this spike is the lack of inventory.  When we look at the supply curve above we see that inventory was very limited at the start of the year and is just beginning to rise and it has a ways to go to get back into a more balanced range.

Louisville, CO has been ranked the #1 place to live for a reason and the market is currently very tight, but great opportunities still exist.  Yes, we may have to network, mail, go door to door to find you a home, but that is what makes what we do fun!  My good friend Sharon Monroe, and resident Louisville Expert, usually has the inside tract on at least one house and always has several Buyers in the wings looking for homes.  If you are considering buying or selling a home in Louisville, CO give us a call 888-357-6429 or vist us at www.boulderhomesource.com, we know the market.

Greg Smith

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