Monday Morning Boulder Valley Stats and Facts - November 14, 2011

Posted by Greg Smith on Monday, November 14th, 2011 at 7:24am.

october11stats1_2550Today we are we are taking a look at the different Boulder Valley Housing markets comparing year-over-year numbers through October 2011.


Boulder had 619 sales over the past year, compared to 642 for the same period a year ago.  Our total sales volume was down 3.6% when we look at year-over-year numbers.  The average sale price actually increased 1.5%.  Both of these numbers may be influenced by the Home Buyer Tax Credit.


Broomfield single family homes fared a bit better than Boulder with an increase of home sales from 345 to 354 for an increase of 2.6%.  Broomfield single family homes average sales price also increased by 1.8%.  Broomfield has done well over the last couple years.  Broomfield's city planners seem to have put together a winning combination to ensure consistent growth.


Erie had the toughest year of all the markets we watch.   Last year sales dropped from 286 units to 352, an 11.5% decrease, and the average sales price also fell by 5% - ouch.


Lafayette actually posted some surprising numbers in 2011 and may be poised for a bit of a come back.  Units sold showed a slight uptick to 235 units from 233, and the average sales price increased by 3.8%.  It is about time.  Lafayette is a great community that has had a tough couple of years, but appears to have stabilized and is on the way up.


Longmont after being the king of bucking-the-trend the last few years experienced a decrease in sales over the past year from 887 units to 832, and the average sales price on those units dropped by 3.1% to $245,669.  The city of Longmont actually removed their affordability requirements for new housing over the past year because their market rate and affordable housing are selling at nearly the same values.


Louisville, the darling of local Boulder County real estate over the past few years for appreciation, saw average prices drop by 4.8 when we look at year-over-year numbers.  Sales volume stayed very close with 196 units compared to 194.  The hot item not shown by these number is the Steel Ranch project, which has taken off like gang busters and is exceeding all expectations.


Superior units sold increased by 3.8% to 109 units, and the average sale price has stayed flat over the past year.


Close-in Mountains, oh our poor friends in the Mountains, continued to see downward pressure on pricing with the average price dropping by 5.1.  We also have seen a drop of 3% of units sold.  If you have ever thought of getting your family that weekend cabin up by Nederland, Eldora or Big Elk Meadow now is truly the time.  The values in the mountains are truly spectacular.


The plains are down 4.9% to 308 units sold with a slight increase in average price of 2% bringing the current average sales price to $626,866.

As always keep in mind real estate has become hyperlocal and can change block by block, so if you need the inside scoop give us a call or drop us an email - we are here


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