My Home Buying and Selling Experience: Part Three - Repairs and Painting!

Posted by on Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 4:42pm.

Staging your Living Room

I had just met with the stager the last time I wrote about my home buying and selling experience.  Since then, and with a lot of work behind us, we are almost ready to list our home.  We made great strides in getting to work on our laundry list of repairs including: de-cluttering, depersonalizing, painting and staging over the last two months.  I was surprised because it really did not cost as much money as I thought it would, but it is requiring every spare minute we have. Here’s what we have accomplished so far in the process.

New French DoorsThe biggest and most costly repair we had to complete was to get a new backdoor.  We used to have this old school, drafty sliding glass door with ugly black trim, a broken lock, and broken security arm.  We NOW have, lovely white french doors that not only look great, but are actually more energy efficient.  In fact, they look so good I can’t believe we waited until we are moving to fix them!  I purchased the doors on sale at Home Depot for $399 and got them installed by All American Repair and Maintenance out of Broomfield for less than $300! Next, we got our furnace serviced. This was kind of unexpected and fairly costly, but we now have a warranty on the furnace that will carry over to the next owner.  We were also told that the furnace is in good condition and should last another 12 years or so, which translates into good news for the buyers.

So, if you are following this blog series you know I painted the interior of my house a few different colors when we bought it.  I did this because at the time I thought, this our HOME and we need it to express our personalities.  Well, now that we are selling our HOUSE, we are trying to minimize our personality and make it a place that someone else can visualize themselves living in.  With that being said, the green walls are gone as of this weekend, after four coats of paint and primer.  Although I have a love/hate relationship with white walls, I can totally see how they make our office and my son’s room look bigger, brighter, and more appealing to buyers.  I still have the blueberry color to get rid of in our bedroom and then, we will FINALLY be done painting!

Lastly, we staged our butts off!  Our living room actually looks like a real space where grownups can gather now, instead of just an extension of our kid’s playroom!  We pushed our couch up against the largest wall, took down wedding pictures, and made the foyer more inviting by adding a mirror and moving in smaller pieces of furniture. Next weekend we will be touching up paint all over the house, maybe planting some planters, and power washing the exterior.  I am happy to say, we are right on schedule and will be meeting with our and RE/MAX Alliance agent on Thursday!  

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