New York Times states Boulder CO is a magnet for high tech start ups

First Fast Company and now the New York Times have begun to leak out the secret that Boulder CO is quickly becoming a hot bed for High Tech start ups.  Many entrepreneurs have called attention to the fact that Boulder CO has a much more supportive business climate.  Silicon Valley tends to be stuck in the old business model of reaching the top by stepping on the shoulders of your competition.  The Boulder community is still about success, but tends to lean more towards building synergy.

The 300 days a year of Sun and the ability to work hard and play hard have also been a big factor of allowing Boulder to begin to shed it's hippy roots and be known for more than Marijuana dispensaries and being one of the top rock climbing areas in the world.

Couple all of this with great Boulder CO Real Estate, first class schools, the Pearl Street Mall, Colorado Music Festival, Skiing, Hiking, Biking, and it all makes sense.  If I were to start a tech Company, why choose Silicon Valley, when you can pick Boulder CO.

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