Oh Where oh Where has my warm weather gone

Posted by Greg Smith on Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 at 12:39pm.

O.K. we all know Colorado gets over 300 Sunny days a year and today would be on that list as well.  The interesting thing as Jasper, Chloe, Ruthie, Chloe and I were running up Anemone trail this morning (We call it the Candy Cane Trail) was the temperature gauge in my car was showing -5 outside. 

It must have been a very funny sight to watch a Black Lab, Husky, Welch Corgi and an old man plod along up the trail in complete solitude under the glistening Flatirons with only the sound of our footsteps as we moved along.  I do have to admit that even though it was -5 outside I felt extreme warmth inside as we reached the top of our run and looked out of Boulder and realized what an amazingly blessed life we live to be able to enjoy a truly magical place.

Greg Smith

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