Planning to Sell? How to Stage a Home for Maximum Impact

Posted by Greg Smith on Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 at 8:55am.

How to Stage a Home or Maximum ImpactAre you thinking of putting a home on the market? Then understand more about how to effectively stage a home and improve the experience for anyone walking through the home. Proper home staging may even help homeowners boost a home's value in the eyes' of potential buyers. What are a few staging secrets that any seller can use?

Learn more about home staging to attract multiple offers and improve chances of selling a home quickly today.

Depersonalize the Space

Take down personal pictures and make the area as neutral as possible to reduce the potential of turning off buyers. Personal keepsakes, memorabilia and family photos should be stored away. It may also be useful to remove furniture that is not essential and rearrange remaining furniture to improve the flow in a space. If a homeowner is unsure of how to proceed when staging their furniture, they can consult with an experienced agent or home stager to best showcase the features of their home.

Light It Up

A well-staged home is a well-lit one. Visitors need light to view all areas of a home. A dimly lit bathroom or basement may make potentially buyers uncomfortable. During the daytime, try to use as much natural light as possible. Use 100 watts for approximately every 50 square feet in order to properly light a home for staging. Mix up the lighting with a combination of accent lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting.

Eliminate Clutter

In addition to getting personal items out of sight, it is important to make a home feel as spacious and visually appealing as possible. Clutter can include bills, knick-knacks, children's toys and more. Items that are not thrown away should be stored away in an organized manner. Other items that will not be going to a new home may be donated or thrown out.

All About that Flow

A fresh coat of paint in smaller rooms can help connect spaces and create a more continuous feel. Individuals may want to paint walls in dining areas and kitchens the same color to create a connection between the spaces. Drapery and walls that are the same color helps create an uninterrupted visual flow. Such rooms then look larger than their reality.

Homeowners Stay Away

Home staging is only one essential element needed before actually showing an Erie home. Those who are ready to show a home have to make every effort to be away from the property when potential buyers arrive. Agents are at a disadvantage when current homeowners choose to stay during a showing and remain in an office or bedroom. In addition, potential buyers may not be at ease while viewing all of the rooms of a home.

Those who are walking through a home may not feel comfortable asking questions of agents or making comments about a home when the homeowner is around. In order to get useful feedback from agents, homeowners should do their best to remove themselves from a property during a showing.

Work with an Experienced Agent

A reputable local agent can offer guidance on how to begin to stage a home. In addition, it is best for sellers to arrange for a professional shoot of a home as those photographs may be used to highlight a home's features and be uploaded to an MLS listing. This technique often improves online views of a newly listed property and may help drive traffic. Speak with an experienced real estate agent to get more advice on how to best stage a home.

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