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Posted by Greg Smith on Sunday, August 19th, 2012 at 5:32pm.

The mountains of Colorado are lovely, but the good thing is you do not have to live in the midst of nowhere to enjoy them. One region which shows how correct that is is the Front Range region. One city in particular, Louisville, Colorado, has gained a tremendous level of national recognition for being the number one best spot to live in America. That is pretty stunning for a city that is merely 8.6 square miles with a populace of just over 18,000 people. The real reason why this city is now so well-known is that it's just a fabulous spot to live.

The community which exists in Louisville is an offshoot of Boulder in the fact that quite a few people who live here share the same values, hobbies and interests, and general sense of community pride. In fact, there's a decent percentage of folks living here who once resided in Boulder but no longer cared for the hustle and bustle of the town. The town is quite exquisite and consists of two parts, New Downtown and Old Downtown. The historical district is the heart of the area and the middle of the downtown region. Here you will find plenty of dining places, retailers, businesses, salons, bistros, city hall, the library and a historical museum. The newer side also has merchants and restaurants, but this side is where quite a few industries call home.

Even though the city itself is relatively small, there are major things occurring here that have brought in new interests to the area from several industries like tech, telecom, clean energy, aerospace, and medical care. Actually, ConocoPhillips is expected to open a brand new clean-energy resource development center in Louisville that brings in numerous new job prospects. Being situated along Rt. 36, which is a direct shot either way to both Boulder and Denver, gives inhabitants the privacy they are searching for with the comfort of never being too far from where they should be.

Homes are dispersed throughout the community and range in worth and accommodation. Exactly like any other town, homes in the downtown region usually cost more than those further away with the median home sale cost of $345,300. The whole community is connected by numerous different trails and park systems that showcase the natural beauty of the environment. Overall, Louisville is a sound real estate investment which needs to not be ignored if you're thinking about moving to the area.

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