RE/MAX Contributes over 115 Million Dollars to Children Miracle Network Hospitals

Posted by Greg Smith on Monday, August 6th, 2012 at 1:51pm.

When I looked at my email today and saw the following letter from Children Miracle Network:
"I'm personally honored to have witnessed the profound impact RE/MAX agents have made on our hospitals over the past two decades. You have a clear reason to celebrate, and we at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals have an even bigger reason to recognize your fundraising efforts. Since 1992, RE/MAX Associates have donated more than $115 million to our member hospitals across the U.S. and Canada. That's a truly amazing collective effort, and the results are evident in hospital operating rooms, trauma wards and rehabilitation centers from Tampa to Toronto.
Last year alone, more than 11,000 North American agents participated in the Miracle Home program. In addition, agents also hosted a variety of community fundraisers – everything from bake sales to golf tournaments and even home lotteries. No matter the method, one constant remains: The commitment to hope and healing is inspired and inspiring.

Because of RE/MAX Miracle Agents, more children are returning home healthy. On behalf of our 170 member hospitals and the millions of courageous and inspiring children they treat each year – thank you, RE/MAX! We at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals look forward to celebrating and recognizing your efforts all month long."
I felt very proud to be a member of the RE/MAX family and have the honor to help raise money for organizations such as our local Denver Childrens Hospital.
Greg Smith

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