Simple Bedroom Staging Ideas

Posted by on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 11:23am.

Often times our bedrooms are a mix-matched grouping of hand-me down furniture, miscellaneous wall hangings and family knickknacks.  When staging your home to be sold the bedroom is one place you want to pay particular attention to.  With that being said, there are a few simple decorating rules of thumb to keep in mind that can help transform your hodgepodge of items into personal style.  Staging your bedroom for resale can be fun, inspiring and can actually make you see your old belonging in a new revitalized light. 

Bedroom Staging Ideas Yellow and Gray Bredroom

Grouping your furniture in a modern and comfortable way will help potential buyers flow through a room better.  This does not always mean pushing everything up against a wall either.  Having some pieces float in the space will create conversation areas in large rooms and help redirect traffic more gracefully.  Along the lines of rearranging your furniture, do not be afraid to transform a room completely by moving the armchair in the living room to your master bedroom in order to create a sitting area.  You could also make over a junk room into a guest room by adding a second-hand twin bed, small dresser and painting.

When grouping items in your bedroom, and throughout your home, it is important to remember the rule of three.  Any more than three items on your dresser or bookshelf can make the space seem cramped and cluttered.  Using items that coordinate is usually more visually interesting than matchy-matchy items.  For instance one framed picture, a large candle and a jewelry box will be more visually stimulating than three framed pictures.  The rule of three can also be used when grouping large items like furniture. A good example of this is grouping a wardrobe, large planter, and dressing mirror in a corner of a room to create a dressing area.

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Adding color to a room will help enhance the space.  The days of plain white walls are over.  Using neutral colors on blank walls with punches of bright colors as accents, you can transform a duel space into something interesting. Try to stay away from wall colors that have too much personality or leave an unwanted impression.  Also using spray paint to give old frame mirrors or nightstands a new sleek appearance is a simple way to change your grandmother’s old item into an attractive statement piece.

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