4 Smart Devices Homeowners Should Install Before Selling

4 Smart Devices Home Buyers WantThese days, smart technology is everywhere. Our lives revolve around it both at work, and more recently, at home, so it’s no wonder that many home buyers actively seek out homes that already have all of their favorite pieces of smart tech built in. Fortunately for sellers, installing smart technology in their homes isn’t a big hurdle to cross. Here are some of the most popular pieces of smart home tech that homeowners can use to help draw in buyers.

1. Smart Security Systems

Everyone likes the feeling of being safe, especially in their own home. Normal alarm systems have been available to homeowners for many years now, but many people don’t like having to hire a company to make sure their home is safe. This is where smart home security systems step in. Smart cameras, sensors, and more are able to notify homeowners directly when a window opens at night or a shadowy figure is spotted walking across the yard, so the homeowner doesn’t have to rely on a company calling them, which can take extra time. Smart cameras also have the advantage of allowing homeowners to check their feed from anywhere in the world so long as they have a smart device on hand, making them excellent for vacations or just the normal daily schedule.

2. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are a convenience that many homeowners love to have in their home. Not only can smart thermostats be accessed from anywhere in the world to adjust the home’s temperature, but they also learn the schedule of the homeowner so they don’t have to think about adjusting it as often. Smart thermostats also save energy because of this, leading to lower energy bills every month, meaning one of these thermostats has the potential to pay for itself over time on top of helping to draw tech-savvy home buyers in.

3. Smart Appliances

While they haven’t hit the mainstream like thermostats and security systems, large appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and drying machines all have smart counterparts now. A smart refrigerator, for instance, can keep track of all of the food inside it and notify homeowners when it’s running out of something like milk or eggs, or it can even have a digital screen that can be used to display recipes or used as a message board for people to leave notes on. While there aren’t many buyers who are actively looking for smart appliances, something like this, along with other things to improve the look and feel of the home, can be a tipping factor for buyers who are interested in smart technology when it comes to making a final decision on a home.

4. Smart Locks

Back to smart security features, smart locks are a handy feature that is now on the rise. Everyone knows the frustration of getting locked out of a home on accident, and smart locks take all that frustration away. There are two types of locks: ones with fingerprint scanners, and ones with a numeric pad. Smart locks help ensure that only people who are permitted to enter a home have the ability to do so while those who don’t can’t take advantage of a door without a lock.

If a Wheat Ridge home buyer is intentionally looking for a home that already has smart technology in it before buying, adding one or more of these smart devices can potentially help make a sale. And on top of that, these are just four of the different types of smart technology. For more ideas, be sure to check out a local electronics store or read blogs about all the must-have up-and-coming gadgets.

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