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Posted by Greg Smith on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 at 3:26pm.

There's perhaps no place more flourishing and productive than Boulder. Boulder has been nationally recognized by numerous diverse publications for a number of things including one of the very best places to live, the foodiest city, very best places for singles, the best places to leave the workplace, best all around city, and leading greenest cities, in order to mention a few! The town of Boulder possesses its own distinct personality that is generally the typical thread among its very diverse populace. Boulderites, i.e. those that are occupants of the Republic of Boulder, often be free spirited people who have a serious love for nature, out-of-doors sports, fun-based activities, fantastic food, and community spirit. The city of Boulder is home to some 26,000 students due to the University of Colorado, which is situated downtown, but the rest of the populace consists of a hodgepodge of households, retired people, and working professionals, all with varying economical statures. There are also several long-term inhabitants and individuals living in the area which have been in Boulder for generations.

If you're contemplating purchasing a residence in Boulder, you can be certain that it is a smart investment for several reasons. To start with, there always seems to be a housing lack in Boulder, especially in the downtown region. The University of Colorado lures thousands of students, instructors, faculty, and foreigners into the city every year, which really helps to drive the leasing market and keep the demand for housing up. Second, a number of families and business people look for housing in Boulder as well because of the successful job market and growing local economic climate. Large businesses along with small independent businesses help to keep work numbers up, which subsequently keeps home foreclosures low. Third, the reality that building land is hard to find in Boulder signifies that the already established houses are remarkably appealing, as not a lot of new neighborhoods can be built.

Home values vary so broadly in the town of Boulder that the average cost of $430,000 (according to Trulia.com) only provides a glimpse into what your money will really buy. For less than a half million, you could find an updated 2 bath, 3 bedroom single family house in a highly desired community near to the downtown area or you may buy a high end 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom condominium on Walnut St., overlooking downtown and the Flatirons. Also, if you go to the mountains, that same half million could buy you a couple of parcels of land and an older ranch style home. Regardless of what kind of accommodations you are searching for, Boulder will certainly have them!

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