Thank You University Of Colorado

Posted by Greg Smith on Saturday, December 20th, 2008 at 7:50am.



Yesterday C.U. Graduated 2,189 students into the workforce. 

"Chancellor Bud Peterson, during his address to graduates, told them their graduation during a time of economic uncertainty reminded him of his own graduation in the mid 1970s, during the oil crisis.

He told the graduates their investment in a CU education means they are well-prepared.

"You can have confidence that your degree will sustain you," he said.

He also praised the graduates for being the first class to have spent their entire undergraduate careers with the "Colorado Creed," a code of social responsibility developed by a group of students four years ago."

Year after year Boulder benefits because of the value CU brings to the community, from Sports events to the Shakespeare festival, and the Conference of World Affairs.  It is always a pleasure to witness the students that CU fosters move into the work force.  It is one of the key areas that allows Boulder County and the surrounding areas to flourish.  Companies recognize our unmatched quality of life and our even higher quality of graduates.Thank you CU!! 


Greg Smith

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