The STIMULUS in Our Area

Posted by Greg Smith on Friday, February 20th, 2009 at 2:11pm.



First time home buyers who purchase a home before 12/1/2009 will receive tax credit of up to 8K. To qualify as a first time home buyer, the purchaser and the purchaser's spouse may not have owned a home for 3 years prior to the current purchase and it must be a primary home. The amount for the credit is the lesser of 10% of the purchase price or 8K. The tax credit does not need to be re-paid unless the home is sold within 3 years of purchase and then the full credit would be due.


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Diversification in our job opportunities is also very positive with the growth of companies such as Crispin Porter, Conoco Phillips, Vestas Wind Systems, Schwab, Creative Foam, GE, Ball, Lockheed Martin, etc. Our employment rate is ranked 210 out of 939 markets with a 1.3% growth rate.


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