There is snow in them hills

Posted by Greg Smith on Monday, December 15th, 2008 at 8:28pm.

I know it is going to be a good day when I open up my email and Steamboat is sending out emails that they just received 14" of new snow. I always laugh in Boulder, today it is negative 4 degrees, but only 4 days ago it was 54 and sunny and I was riding my mountain bike. So today we think about skiing and maybe taking advantage of steamboats, tomorrow it will be time to get back on the mountain bike and enjoy another sunny day.

Here is a typical weekend in Boulder:

1. Wake up and mosey over to Vics for a cup of Coffee.
2. Head to Callie's 4th grade girls YMCA Basketball game. Go Huskies!!!
3. Hop on the mountain bike for a ride from town up and over Poorman.
4. Get home in time to take the kids to the local theatre show of Narnia.
5. Meet some friends at the RIO for dinner and Margaritas.
6. Wake up early the next day and head up to Eldora for some laps at the Alpine Center or downhill skiing.
7. Stop off at the used bookstore in Nederland for a cup of hot cocoa and pick up a book for Callie.
8. Home by 3:00 for Sunday afternoon football and chores.... Whoops, forgot about those.

It is a great place to call home.

Greg Smith

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