Top 10 Reasons To Rescue A Pet

Posted by Gabrielle Fuqua on Friday, April 3rd, 2015 at 4:55pm.

Dear Sophie & Phoebe,

When we adopted you several years ago, we may have rescued you from a lonely existence or a terrifying fate, but you also rescued us. Inviting you into our family was one of the best decisions we've ever made. You have improved the quality of our lives in so many surprising and special ways. The love that you bring to our family is brilliant and your companionship over the years has been a tremendous source of joy. We treat you "like family" because you are family.

Though this list is surely endless, here are just ten of the gifts you continue to share with us:

  1. Love. With all of our human strengths and challenges, you still manage to love us unconditionally.
  2. Forgiveness. You don't hold a grudge when we have to go away and when we walk through the door, you are always delighted to see us.
  3. Compassion. You are always right next to us when we're feeling sad or sick.
  4. Acceptance. You don't judge us when we're under the influence of unsavory moods.
  5. Fitness. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't take nearly as many walks down the trail.
  6. Adventure. When it comes to camping, hiking and backpacking, you are always up for a new experience.
  7. Humor. You have such dynamic, distinctive personalities and you are both so funny.
  8. Excitement. Your enthusiasm is contagious when we go on late night cruiser rides.
  9. Wellness. You remind us that both playing and napping are essential to a good attitude.
  10. Companionship. You know and embody what it means to be a best friend.

When I think about our time with you beautiful girls, my eyes fill with tears of gratitude.

In a world where fear and hate continue to make headlines, you are living proof that unconditional love still exists.

P.S. Sophie was adopted from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and Phoebe was adopted from Big Dogs, Huge Paws.

Meet Blue, a 6-month-old Great Dane/Mastiff mix. Blue has been busy putting on weight as he was underweight when he first came to the rescue. He's going to be a pretty big dog, so eating is something he does a lot of! He's now living with a foster family where he is learning to socialize. He's great with other dogs and already house trained. He's not been around cats or kids yet and he's working on crate training and other basic commands. If you think Blue is the right pet for your family go to Big Dogs, Huge Paws to find out more.

Written by guest blogger Jenna Aragon

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