Trends are Trends and this to will pass

Posted by Greg Smith on Friday, December 12th, 2008 at 8:49am.

As I look back to June and remember everyone sitting around the dinner table explaining how the good times where over and we would just have to learn to live with the new prices and that we needed to make major changes if we were going to survive.  Of course we were talking about Gas prices:


Well times have changed and we now have the lowest fuel prices in 20 years when calculating in inflation.  Hopefully we learned our lesson with the higher prices and continue to seek out greener pastures.  We shall see:) 

Fuel prices are a great view into the markets as a whole.  if we went back six months ago the "experts" were all telling us we would never see oil below $100 again.  Guess what the talking head were wrong.  We will see the same happen in the real estate markets.  ABC and NBC will continue to sell advertising by pitching fear but our great economy, nation, and the world as a whole will continue to move forward and the down housing market that we are currently experiencing will pass.  When it does pass, everyone will say you where a genius for buying a home in 2009.

Greg Smith

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