White Walls Make Me Crazy

Posted by on Sunday, December 30th, 2012 at 1:21pm.

White Walls Make Me CrazyIf you're like me, you probably grew up in a house where all the walls were white. So when I bought my own home, I decided I needed a little color in every room. What I thought would be fun and inspiring ended up being very challenging. Even though I knew I didn't want eggshell or anit-flash white, I just couldn't choose a color outside of a neutral palette without having anxiety. I would pick a color I thought I loved, bring it home, paint a sample and promptly decide I hated it. This went on for about a month and then I took a leap of faith.

Today my home has two caramel accent walls in the living room that features cathedral ceilings, one blueberry wall in the dining room, and two forest green walls in my son's room. Do I love these colors? Some I do and others I don't, but they give my home character and make it unique to me. Although I went at it blindly, there is science to choosing a color palette. Certain colors bring about particular feelings and have characteristics of their own. For instance they can invoke cheerful, warm, dismal, cold, soft, soothing, loud, or tranquil feelings. When choosing a color scheme for a particular room in your home you need to consider how exactly you want that room to make you feel. If insanity is your goal, paint the room bright red with black ceilings and install yellow carpet. If calm and classic is your goal, try light blues and greens with white ceilings and neutral carpet. See what I mean, you can actually visualize the feeling of both, and what a difference!

Once you have established your room's tone, looking on a color wheel for complimentary colors is a great way to proceed. The rule of thumb is you do not want to exceed more then three colors throughout your entire house. With that in mind, consider what walls can be seen from other rooms and make sure they do not clash but flow nicely. Although some colors like teal and fuchsia are trendy, they may not be the best choice for you. Your best bet is to stick with colors you like and are familiar with. Also always be sure to paint a test strip before going all out. Some colors just look different when they are on a sample card then they do when they are on an actual wall. A great way to give a room a punch of color but not to close it in is to paint only one or two accent walls instead of the whole room. Which ever colors you choose, the best thing you can remember is that its just paint and even the blackest black can be covered up with a quality primer and two or three coats of good old fashion eggshell!

Here are some great examples of bedrooms that use color to bring the room to life!

How to use color in your room Painting your room yellow Color Palattes Light Green Room Teal And Orange Room Green and Orange Room

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