White Hawk Ranch Colorado Stats

Posted by Greg Smith on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 at 4:46pm.

Males:  27
Females:  24

Median age:
This neighborhood:  17.6 years
Whole city:  29.0 years

This neighborhood:  16.7 years
Whole city:  30.0 years

Average household size:
White Hawk Ranch:  3.0 people
Boulder:  2.2 people

Average family size:
White Hawk Ranch:  3.2 members
Boulder:  2.8 members

Percentage of married-couple families (among all households):
Here:  76.3%
city:  33.3%

Percentage of married-couple families with children (among all households):
White Hawk Ranch:  39.8%
Boulder:  14.6%

Percentage of single-mother households (among all households):
This neighborhood:  5.1%
Boulder:  4.5%

Percentage of never married males 15 years old and over:
Here:  10.2%
Boulder:  27.5%

Percentage of never married females 15 years old and over:
White Hawk Ranch:  8.6%
city:  21.6%

Courtesy of CityData.com
Greg Smith

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