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Posted by on Friday, November 8th, 2013 at 4:11pm.

I recently heard about this awesome new fit program just for women that gets you in shape quickly and also connects you with local women of all ages in your area.  The idea behind Kaia Fit is that group fitness equals support.  You know, alone you might feel weak, but together we are strong, that kind of mentality  The great thing about Kaia is that it is real women, working really hard, to achieve real goals. Plus the diversity of the programs offered and the real life applications of movements are what makes Kaia’s fitness programs popular and effective. Changing up the program regularly helps to boost results, keep things exciting, and challenges even the fittest of women.  If you are a woman looking for a fitness program that offers the support you need to achieve your lifelong goals of being healthy, happy and fit, Kaia Fit might just be the thing you have been missing!


In our area, both Boulder and Lafayette offer Kaia Fit Programs, although the programs and schedules at each vary.  Camps are year-round and follow different themed sessions. Offering a unique team sport atmosphere, Kaia Fit programs require their participants to sign up for a regular schedule, not just so you can be held accountable, but also so that your classmates or “teammate” can hold you accountable in helping them attain their goals as well.  Kaia Fit is centered around 6 week BRIK programs, which organizers believe are the “cornerstones of health and fitness and can be incorporated into your daily lives.”  They offer 3, six week BRIKs, which are spaced evenly throughout the year. Each BRIK is designed to increase your level of fitness and get you hyped about working out, eating healthy, and being a woman!

Katie Brooks, BoulderHomeSource.com’s new office manager and licensed Realtor, is attending the Boulder-based Kaia Fit Bootcamp and has been raving about this program.  She definitely thought our sphere should know about it!  For more information about Kaia Fit and the programs their franchises offer, please visit them here!

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