Boulder Area Transportation/Airports


Air travel to and from Boulder is available from Denver International Airport, which is located 42 miles from Boulder (driving time between 60 to 90 minutes). Denver International Airport is the nation's largest airport in land area with service from 23 major airlines. Air service in the Boulder area is also available from the Boulder Municipal Airport, with a 4,100-foot, hard-surface runway and general aviation services. Jefferson County Airport, located 11 miles from Boulder, is the closest airport to both downtown Denver and Boulder. The Community Transit Network has a colorful fleet of buses?Hop, Skip, Jump, Bound and Dash?in the Boulder area. The Dash connects Boulder to Lafayette and Louisville via South Boulder Road.


Air service from Lafayette is available from the Denver International Airport, which is approximately 50 minutes away. Smaller airports in the area include the Boulder Municipal Airport (a 20-minute drive), and Jefferson County Airport (a 10-minute drive). The Regional Transportation District offers bus service between Lafayette and the neighboring cities and communities of Louisville, Broomfield, Longmont, Boulder and Denver.


Denver International Airport, the nation's largest airport in land area, with service from all major airlines, is located 40 miles from Louisville. Other airports in the Louisville area include the Boulder Municipal Airport, located 11 miles away, and the Jefferson County Airport, just three miles away. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) has scheduled stops in Louisville.